Welcome to the world of Personalized video usage.

This is Randolph Graham at CBRG Digital, like me I assume you are trying to generate leads, meet people, and eventually increase your sales to increase revenue to help improve your bottom line.

Story – One recent morning as I begin checking my email, I noticed one from American Express, titled “Your payment confirmation and a personalized video” that referenced my recent payment. The email content greeted me by name, which of course made me feel special. I felt as if it was designed especially just for me.

As a Senior Business Marketing Strategist at my Agency, I was not supprise because I offer this exact same services to several of my own clients.

I wanted to let you know that I’m seeking businesses like yours to introduce this service becvause I know that soon it will if now already going to be a common practice on Social media.

I’m just rolling this out to non-clients, so I’m offering to bring on a 10 or so businesses like yours in and would offer to create your first 30 to 1 minute video absolutely at no cost. All I ask for in return is for a reccommendation or referral if you are happy with your video.

You have just seen some sample videos so I hope it is going to be worth a 10-minute zoom or phone chat to see if we’re a fit. We can even brainstorm about what kind of campaign I have in mind for you. Is there a good time when we could chat further?

So give me a call at 301-534-5858 or contact me via my “ASK Randolph”  contact form and provide me your contact information.

To Your Success.