About Our Company

What You Should Know About The Founder.

From the tar hills state of North Carolina to the DC Metro area our founder and CEO was just getting started. At an early age landed his first job as an Electrician helper at a local hospital in Maryland. He thought this was going to be his calling , but after too many 120 volt jots, that quickly changed.

Switching careers by getting accepted into Control Data Institute, 3 months prior to graduation he accepted a position with a popular NASA contractor. There he was assigned to work at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. Making his way into management over a span of 2 additional contractors he enjoyed a pretty successful and rewarding 19 year career.

In early 1992 aero spacing would merge itself to what we  know today as Information Technology. Our CEO was right there. He worked as a systems engineer, Program and Data Communications manager with two Technology firms in Rockville, Maryland, and Herndon Virginia plus created his own.

Husband and Father with 2 amazing daughters , attending universities in Indiana, and Berkley. Our CEO continues being very active as he loves golf, bike riding, occasional tennis and swimming.