4 Most Important Things To Know About Me.

Program/Communications Manager – In 1997-2000 using my technical and business knowledge I orchestrated a strategy that was use to help over 300 utilities and Electrical co-ops across Rural America provide Satellite TV services to their local customers and generate millions of dollars each year.

Franchise Owner Of A Computer Repair Firm – In 2001-2006 President & CEO of Geeks On Call with territory in Maryland and was able to generate over 250,000 in my first year. Subsequently increasing revenue every quarter thereafter. “I’m proud to say, I was able to accomplish this using a my own team of certified technicians and Anthony , my Sales and Marketing guy.

Business Coach Digital Marketing Executive – In 2018 founded CBRG Digital, a Digital Marketing Coaching Agency in Germantown, Maryland. The agency using various contractors and its own resources to provide its services to help startups, small and mid-sized companies nationally. The Agency is expecting a substantial growth of clients and more sales this year, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic

Husband, Father, and Hobbyist – Happily married to Ru Xiao since 1999 and father of 2 amazing daughters, one of whom attends CAL Berkeley, seeking a business degree eventually her Law degree. I Love to ride my bike around my neighborhood, enjoy swimming in the pool, and gradually getting the wife and I back into golf.


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