The Wrong Sales Process

The Situation A professional services company had a handful of junior sales reps, all of whom were missing their numbers. The CEO was frustrated because they had a strong direct-mail program that was producing a very high call-in rate. However, the call-in conversion rate was quite low and generating far less revenue/sales than projected. Analysis We went in to study the client acquisition process from beginning to end. Clearly, the direct-mail campaign was working based on the number of pieces that were sent out every month and the high percentage of prospects calling in from each mailing. The sales reps

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5 Steps To Supercharge Your Referrals and References

It is no secret that “word of mouth” or referral business is one of the most effective ways to bring in new clients while simultaneously strengthening relationships with your existing customer base. But even though it is extremely powerful and virtually free (or at most costs very little), very few business owners or coaches use it anywhere near it’s potential! Consider this: if you got just one referral from each one of your clients, over the next 60 days you’d double your client base! What would that mean to your potential income and how many more people would you be

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Welcome to the world of Personalized video usage.

This is Randolph Graham at CBRG Digital, like me I assume you are trying to generate leads, meet people, and eventually increase your sales to increase revenue to help improve your bottom line. Story – One recent morning as I begin checking my email, I noticed one from American Express, titled “Your payment confirmation and a personalized video” that referenced my recent payment. The email content greeted me by name, which of course made me feel special. I felt as if it was designed especially just for me. As a Senior Business Marketing Strategist at my Agency, I was not

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Direct Response

Direct Response or Bust!

Direct response marketing is a marketing that demands a direct response from your potential customers. This type of marketing is used to answer questions, present your branding, products and the reason you do what you do. Customers love this, as they are offered the opportunity to response, whether that be in the way of signing up for a newsletter, posting a comment on your site or blog, or purchasing a product from you. So, what does direct response marketing look like? Well, it comes in many forms, including: Direct mail Print ads Radio and TV ads Coupons or other incentives

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Kick Start Your Marketing

Today I’d like to teach you about the three most important start up marketing tools you need to get and keep new customers. In person: It’s essential you meet with customers/clients in person whenever possible. This shows you respect them and take the time to work with your clients to give personal attention to each of them. Follow up letter: Always take a moment to send a follow up letter about what you talked about, new agreements or partnerships made and to thank them for taking the time to meet with you. Likewise, you should always send thank you letters

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